Handmade & Ecofriendly Moroccan Products

Authentic Moroccan Boucherouite Rug, Kilim Carpet, KB000301


– used in good condition

– Handmade by Moroccan artists with traditional Berber weaving techniques

– Very strong and durable (fabric, shape and colors are extremely resistant)

– Stain resistant and easy to clean

– Size:



Moroccan carpets such as Kilim Boucherouite or Flat Boucherouite are an old tradition of hand weaving using recycled cotton. Each thread is separated from the fabric and tied by hand during rugs creating.

Carpets are made by nomads for their own use with special care from their recycled personal items.

Simple geometric drawings of this type of rug are attracted by many designers from all over the world. At the moment, the Moroccan Kilim-Boucherouite has become a real trend and is what is called “must have” in every house.

The product is vintage! Which means that it has been used several times, but has completely preserved its presentation and quality. Minor discrepancies in color are allowed.

Each rug is an unique piece of art.

You can buy real authentic Moroccan rugs at a very good price. A large selection of rugs will please every visitor, everyone can choose something for themselves.

If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to ask!