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Moroccan Berber Azilal carpet*azilal*98


The carpet is:

– New and unused

– One room with a unique design

– Reversible, identical on both sides

– Handmade by Moroccan artists with traditional Berber weaving techniques

– The fabric is made of sheep wool living ecologically mountain

– Very strong and durable (fabric, shape and colors are extremely resistant)

– Dimensions:

’77 X 167′ 2.52 Kg

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Moroccan Berber Azilal carpet, place of collective memory expressing a philosophy of life, customs and magical beliefs and therefore also of the universe image of weaver of his innermost thoughts, his emotions, his fancy and visual artist language.

This rug is handmade in the province of Azilal High Atlas in Morocco, using old traditional looms. most parts of azilal rugs are traditionally White/cream with little multi bright colors, they are characterized by their clean wool patina and their colorful asymmetrical motifs. Every piece is unique, one of a kind.

This carpet is knotted by hand, usually by a woman – it can take up to 2 to 4 months to complete. Intuition, experience and imagination of women defines the weaving and knotting of the carpet.
The model and symbolism in the carpet is the voice and expression of the weaver – and usually tells a rich story of his/her life and what happens to her during this period.

Azilal Carpets are very trendy at the moment and all home designers worldwide fight over them to have the most beautiful ones.. Simple or with multicolored diamond shapes for an unique and dazzling decorative touch to any home.

Designed in an elegant rustic style, Azilal is an exquisite visual record of Moroccan culture and aspects of everyday life. The Azilal often has a bold and exciting composition of abstract shapes and enigmatic symbols.

Azilal offer the character and color to shake your room or space – I see them more as works of art as the weaver expresses no creative limitations. Color combinations are incredible and sometimes crazy..

We are offering these Authentic rugs at very affordable prices , please have a look to all our other items to choose the best size and design for you .

Enjoy our wanderland and please feel free to ask any question.

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Weight 2.52 kg
Dimensions 167 x 77 cm


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