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Moroccan Berber carpet /beni ourain/44


– used in good condition

– One room with a unique design

– Reversible, identical on both sides

– Handmade by Moroccan artists with traditional Berber weaving techniques

– The fabric is made of sheep wool living ecologically mountain

– Very strong and durable (fabric, shape and colors are extremely resistant)

– Stain resistant and easy to clean

– Dimensions:

‘194 X 360’ 9.64 Kg

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Moroccan Berber carpet, place of collective memory expressing a philosophy of life, customs and religious and magical beliefs and therefore also of the universe image of weaver of his innermost thoughts, his emotions, his fancy and visual artist language.

This carpet model belongs to the models of the Middle Atlas and more precisely to the region “BEN Ouarain”


The tribe of Beni Ourain consists of several different Berber tribes, some of which have moved down to the plains, while others still live among the Atlas mountains and live on sheep farming. Sheep produce unparalleled high quality wool, and this is the wool they make the famous carpet Beni Ourain

Beni Ouarain carpets are definitely the most comfortable mat that exist. They are made of 100% sheep wool and 100% undyed.

These timeless carpets are for those who really love the natural, they are the epitome of warmth and luxury.



This model is characterized borderless and not center, it also presented a thick velvet silky wool and nouange upside

The decor of this black fishnet carpet on white background .motifs points and arrows at the center of some grounds .the lozenges are particularly visible at the back of the carpet to carpet .nouange setback typical each extremity of several tribes in eastern Morocco

This model is traditionally hand-woven by tribes in the mountains of the Moroccan Middle Atlas where they were originally used as blankets to keep warm during the cold winters.

thick velvet silky wool and knotting upside.

The chevron pattern is the representation of the movement of water. The diamond pattern is the female symbol of the oldest but also the representation of trade between heaven and earth (in its most elongated).


All natural, 100% sheep wool. high quality piece, a true treasure! Adds warmth and texture to any modern home.


The mat is incredibly dense tied with a natural field Ivoire and gray pattern with a network of female classical diamond. Well finished with flying.

This carpet gives you a feeling of softness and comfort underfoot!

Weight 9.64 kg
Dimensions 360 x 194 cm


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